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DC4R24 Open 4-Post Rack With Square Hole Rails 24U, 24-36 Depth


DC4R24 is a Hammond 4-post open rack with square hole rails 24U, 24-36 depth

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DC4R24 Designed for extra deep or extra heavy equipment that requires 4-post mounting such as uninterruptible power supplies or deep shelves. Our most affordable 4-post mounting solution.

  • depth adjusts from 24 to 36 inches to fit most equipment
  • universal 19 inch square hole mounting rails with 50x #10-32 cage nuts and screws
  • bolt down stability bracket with toe-in or toe-out option
  • weight tested to 2000 pounds


Additional information

Weight 75 lbs
Dimensions 36.0 × 20.50 × 48.12 in


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