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KN95 Mask 5 Layer – 100pcs per Pack


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A KN95 masks comes in 3 layer, 4 layer and 5 layers.

This is a package of 100 KN95 masks that have 5 layers of protection.
The 5 layer KN95 fold-able mask has a 95% filtration efficiency with a full 50g Melt-Blown fabric interior.
It’s therefore an excellent choice for daily use in  helping prevent the spread of germs and offers the user top protection from airborne particles.
*KN95 Face mask filters up to 95% of airborne particles (0.3
micron) particles.
*50g of Melt Blown material
*High filter ability, low resistance easy to breathe mask.
*Glue-free and odorless face mask.
*Soft and flexible nose bridge can be adjusted to the face.
*Therefore, helps prevent diseases and infections.
*Civilian non-medical mask.
*4 layer masks offer only 25% Melt Blown material which drops efficiency      down to 90%.

The mask easily fits over the nose and mouth.
To place the mask on or take it off use the outer edges or straps.
Avoid touching your face while wearing the mask.
Hands should be washed prior to putting it on and after removal.

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