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Battery Charger


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This battery charger can be used for 6v and 12v batteries.
It can be used to charge SLA, Gel and VRLA batteries.

It has the ability to automatically charge 6v or 12v volt lead acid batteries. Just press a button to select between 6v or 12v charging mode.
The battery charger will automatically sense weather the battery voltage is totally discharged, below 2 volts or a bad battery.
The electronic charger circuitry will not start due to its internal safety circuit and a fault indicator light will flash.
It is completely automatic and can be left on whenever input power is made available to the charger. The charger output looks at the condition of the battery it is charging, knows when the battery is fully charged. The indicator light will turn green and the Trickle Charger will
automatically switch to a float mode. It will then automatically monitor and maintain the battery at full charge.

This battery charger is perfect for charging all 6v / 12v  batteries for cars, motorcycles, e bikes, Mobility scooters, golf carts, Electric toy cars, lawn mowers ATVS, RVs, Power sports, boat,and much more.

  • This is an automatic battery trickle charger
  • The 6v/12v battery charger is a 5-level smart battery charger, microprocessor controlled.
  • The floating charger with switch mode for 6v or 12v selectable
  • The battery charging process is 4 stage: initialization,Bulk,Absorption,Float.
  • The 6/12 volt car battery maintenance charger provides visual charge status feedback and diagnostic information, even in maintenance mode.
  • The charger will restore the battery more effectively and extend battery life
  1. Designed for all SLA batteries – faster, safer, smarter
  2. Microprocessor controlled – automatically adjusts the amperage rate to charge and maintain
  3. Monitors the battery and resumes continuous charging when battery becomes discharged, Multi-stage charging for added precision, safety and battery life Automatic voltage detection
  4. Glowing charger status interface
    Charges standard, AGM and gel and deep-cycle batteries.
    Reverse hook-up protection.

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