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APC 6V 5AH Datalex Battery


Datalex 6V 5Ah UPS 6 volt SLA replacment battery NP5-6

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The Datalex 6v 5ah, NP5-6sealed lead-acid SLA rechargeable UPS replacement batteries are leak-proof and maintenance free. They’re ideal for phone systems, emergency lighting, emergency exit signs, security alarms, home alarms, burglar alarms, motorcycles, motorized wheelchairs, mobility scooters, mopeds, golf carts, motorized ride-on toys, electric lawn mowers, electric yard trimmers, E-bikes, UPS backup power supplies, etc.

  • Datalex valve regulated sealed lead acid (VRLA) design will not leak and is safe for shipping by air, sea, or ground.
  • Can be mounted in any orientation.
  • Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology for efficient gas
    recombination of up to 99%
  • Computer designed lead / calcium / tin alloy grid for
    high power density.
  • Long service life in float or cyclic applications.
  • Maintenance-free operation.
  • Low self discharge.

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