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  • Glass cleaner anti static

    Glass Cleaner Anti Static, 500G 825-500G

    SKU: 825-500G

    In Stock

    $7.75 CAD
  • Rubber renue

    Rubber Renue

    SKU: 408A-125ML

    In Stock

    125ml (4.2 oz) M.G. Chemica
    $9.95 CAD
  • Super duster canned air

    Super Duster – Compressed Air 400g

    SKU: 402B-400G

    In Stock

    402B-400g Use for re
    $12.35 CAD
  • Super Cold solder joint cooler

    Super Cold 134 403A- 285g

    SKU: 403A-285G

    In Stock

    $14.45 CAD
  • Isopropyl cleaner

    Isopropyl Alcohol Electronics Cleaner – 1L

    SKU: 824-1L

    In Stock

    $14.50 CAD
  • Slyder cable lubricant

    Slyder Cable Lubricant – 1 Quart


    In Stock

    $14.95 CAD
  • Acetone 1L

    Acetone – 1L

    SKU: 434-1L

    In Stock

    $15.30 CAD
  • nutrol control cleaner MG chemicals

    Nu-Trol Control Cleaner

    SKU: 401B-340G

    In Stock

    $16.40 CAD
  • Super Duster canned air

    Super Duster – Compressed Air 450g

    SKU: 402A-450G

    In Stock

    Removes microscopic dust, l
    $17.35 CAD
  • Flux remover

    Flux Remover For PC Boards

    SKU: 4140-400G

    In Stock

    400g (14oz.) Aerosol Flux R
    $17.35 CAD
  • Electronic contact cleaner with silicone

    Contact Cleaner with Silicone – 340G

    SKU: 404B-340G

    In Stock

    $17.75 CAD
  • Contact cleaner with zero residue

    Contact Cleaner Zero Residue – 340G

    SKU: 409B-340G

    In Stock

    $17.75 CAD
  • Super PPE contact cleaner

    Super Contact Cleaner with PPE – 125G

    SKU: 801B-125G

    In Stock

    $17.75 CAD
  • Super Cold solder joint cooler

    Super Cold 134 – 400G

    SKU: 403A-400G

    In Stock

    $19.28 CAD
  • Super Wash degreaser

    Super wash Aerosol Cleaner / Degreaser – 425G

    SKU: 406B-425G

    In Stock

    $19.50 CAD
  • Isopropyl cleaning wipe

    Isopropyl Alcohol Wipe

    SKU: 824-WX50

    In Stock

    50 Packof 99.95% Isopropyl
    $28.00 CAD
  • Super HFE Contact cleaner for electronics

    Super HFE Electronics Cleaner 4120-450G

    SKU: 4120-450G

    In Stock

    $29.25 CAD
  • isopropyl cleaner 4L

    Isopropyl Alcohol Electronics Cleaner – 4L

    SKU: 824-4L

    In Stock

    $42.78 CAD
  • Acetone 1L

    Acetone – 4L

    SKU: 434-4L

    In Stock

    $45.25 CAD