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  • Psiber Underground Cable Tracker CT200

    SKU: PSBCT200

    In Stock

    Psiber Underground Cable Tr
    $640.00 CAD
  • Psiber Pinger Plus Network IP Tester


    In Stock

    Detects Speed and Dup
    $507.80 CAD
  • Psiber Inductive Clamp

    SKU: PSBCT200C

    In Stock

    Psiber Inductive Clamp
    $243.40 CAD
  • Psiber Lanmaster 35

    SKU: PSBLM35

    In Stock

    Tests network cable p
    $487.80 CAD
  • Psiber Lanmaster 26 PoE / VoiP Link Tester

    SKU: PSBLM26

    In Stock

    Verifies Connectivity
    $288.90 CAD
  • Psiber Tone and Probe Cable Tracker

    SKU: PSBCTK1015

    In Stock

    $216.70 CAD