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Updated 20-Oct-08


ATX power splitter

These 36 inch ATX power splitter cables were made to spec for a large semiconductor manufacturer. Sep-2006

BNC fanout cable

These 200 foot BNC fanout cables used 20 individual pieces of RG-174, bundled in a flexible polyester woven sleeve. Oct-2006

RG-316 BNC Cable with bootRG-316 cable, Teflon BNCs and snagless boots were required for a high temperature application. Oct-2006

LMR-400 N-type antenna cables

Our client needed low-loss LMR-400 antenna cables with N-type plugs and adhesive heat shrink. Nov-2006

Right Angle BNC Cables

Right-angle BNC connectors were required for these RG58 coaxial cables. Dec-06

DB9 Individually Shielded Cables

Individually shielded pairs with EMI/RFI covers were specified by our client. Mar-07

LMR-195 with RP-TNC Connectors

These low-loss LMR-195 extension cables have RP-TNC male and female ends. Apr-07

20-pin harness cable assemblies

20-pin Molex connectors and 22AWG TR-64 wire were used for these harnesses. Apr-07

Custom MCX coaxial cable

Our customer requested MCX miniature coaxial connectors on LMR-195 cable. May-07

Custom N-type to SMA coaxial cable

"Really short" (10cm) was the requirement for these antenna adapter cables. May-07

Mini coaxial cables

RG-316, RG-174 and RG-179 mini-coax jumper cables with N, BNC, and F plugs . Jun-07

Colour coded Preh DIN cablesCable kits with various colour coded DIN cables . Aug-07

Custom 2-pin Molex RoHS compliant cables

A large OEM required RoHS compliant assemblies for their kiosk touch screens. Aug-07

Custom 2-pin Molex RoHS compliant cables

Heavy duty SJT power cords modified with ground lugs and internal power plug. Aug-07

Custom RG6 with F-Type Compression Plugs

Custom length 3.0GHz 18AWG RG6 coaxial cables with F-type compression plugs . Aug-07

Custom Y-power Harness Assemblies

RoHS compliant harnesses with AMP and Molex power connectors. Sep-07

Custom MIL-C-26482 Cables

MIL-C-26842 assemblies for aeronautics and transportation applications. Feb-08

Custome RJ45 to DB9F Serial Cables

A large OEM client required fast delivery of these RJ45 to DB9F serial cables. Mar-08

Custom Y-power Harness Assemblies

3-1/2 inch long shielded Cat5E patch cables with soldered drain wires. Mar-08

Custom USB header cable

Our client needed RoHS USB B cables modified with a 5-pin internal connector. Apr-08

Custom RoHS HD15 panel mount cable

Low-cap 7.5 pair cable using all 15 pins with panel mount locks. Heat shrink not shown. Apr-08

Custom 11-pin MIL-26842 cable

These 11-pin MIL-26842 cables use low-temp wire and flexible mesh sleeving. Apr-08

Custom 55-pin MIL-26842 cable

These 55-pin MIL-26842 cables use low-temp wire and flexible mesh sleeving. May-08

Custom RoHS terminal block cable

Our client needed hundreds of RoHS compliant terminal block cables in a rush. May-08

Custom 100ft 3.5 mm stereo audio cables

Our client needed 100 foot 3.5mm stereo audio cables for AV presentations. Jul-08

Custom 100ft RCA stereo OFC cables

100ft stereo cables with gold connectors & dual coax oxygen free copper (OFC). Jul-08

Custom IP-67 water resistant cables

IP-67 water-resistant extension cables for a client with a harsh industrial environment. Aug-08

Custom RG-316 SMB cables

These RG-316 coax cables have right-angle SMB plugs for ease of connection. Aug-08

Custom 100ft FT6 CMP plenyum rated POS cables

Our VAR needed 100 foot FT6 CMP plenum rated cables for a chain restaurant install. Sep-08

Custom U.FL to RP-SMA Jack Cable

Our client required U.FL mini coax with an RP-SMA antenna jack at one end. Oct-08


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