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We have 26 years of cable assembly expertise

Lex Tec has assembled custom electronic cables and wire harness assemblies since 1984. We stock a variety of cable and parts to provide quick turnaround. Lex Tec stocks molded computer and network patch cables in our 10,000sq. ft. facility. As a manufacturers rep for a factory in China we can provide custom quotes where lead times and quantities permit.

We can build large or small production runs (single cables and prototypes). We can provide custom labelling, custom packaging, documented quality assurance and are RoHS compliance. Call us at 1-800-665-9619.

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Lex Tec Bulk Cable In Stock

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We work with a huge variety of parts and cable types. We stock tens of thousands of connectors and hundreds of thousands of feet of cable to provide fast turnaround of many types of assemblies. If you have a preferred materials list we will order parts for you or build from parts you supply.

Lex Tec Automated Cable Cutter

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Our assembly facility includes automated cutters, strippers, presses, applicators, and test equipment from Carpenter, Schleuniger, Kirsten, 3M, AMP, and Cirrus. These ground leads for an OEM client were first cut to length on our CompuCut 36 machine before being crimped, labelled, tested and inspected.

Lex Tec Automated Cable Stripper

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After cutting, a bundle of cables has the jacket ends removed on our Schleuniger UniStrip. The foil shield will be removed manually to avoid nicking the wires. Next we'll apply terminals using our Kirsten PP3 stripper/crimpers.

Lex Tec RoHS Lead Free

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Lex Tec Cable Crimper

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Cut and stripped modular cables will now have both ends crimped and all wires tested in a single operation on our AMP modular press.

Lex Tec Electrical Cable Testing

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Finished d-subminiature cables are bagged, labelled, and accompanied by a copy of their electrical testing certificate. We can provide quality certificates and RoHS lead-free certificates to meet your requirements.

DB9 Individually Shielded Cables

Your custom cable assemblies begin with a free call to one of our knowledgable staff. If you are a cable expert armed with blueprints or a novice with just a sketch on a napkin we'll help you determine your needs.

Call us at 1-800-665-9619 or e-mail lextec@lextec.com



TopA Few Examples of Custom Cables



Lex Tec Coaxial Cables

Coaxial cables

Lex Tec Modular Cables

Modular cables and adapters

Lex Tec Wire Harness Assemblies

Harness assemblies

Lex Tec Conxall Cables

Conxall cables

Lex Tec RoHS Compliant Cables

RoHS Lead Free Available

We manufacture using many popular brands of cable and connectors:

  • 3M
  • Alpha
  • AMP Tyco
  • Amphenol
  • Belden CDT
  • Conxall
  • CUI
  • CW
  • Delphi
  • Fischer
  • Hirose
  • Johnson
  • Molex Waldom
  • Neutrik
  • Northern Technologies
  • Provo
  • Quabbin
  • Switchcraft
  • Times Microwave
  • Weidmuller

Lex Tec D-SuB Cables

D-subminiature cables

Lex Tec DIN 16141 Cables

DIN 16141 cables

Lex Tec Terminal Block Cables

Terminal block cables

Lex Tec V.35 Cables

V.35 Winchester cables

Lex Tec Ribbon Cables

Ribbon cables

We manufacture using many popular styles of connectors:

  • DB9, DB15, DB25, DB37, DB50
  • HD15, HD26
  • Champ Centronics 24, 36, 50 position
  • Modular RJ11, RJ12, MMJ, RJ45, handset
  • Circular, MIL-SPEC and weatherproof connectors
  • Coaxial N-type, SMA, SMB, BNC, TNC, RP, RCA, F, and twinax
  • 2.0mm, 2.54mm, .100" and .050" inline connectors
  • .156" and .100" MTA
  • terminal blocks and ferrules
  • Nylon power connectors
  • Winchester V.35 34-pin and 50-pin
  • ribbon cable IDC and DIP
  • 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 pos DIN, locking DIN and mini-DIN circular
  • automotive connectors
  • insulated and bare ring lugs, spade lugs, tabs
  • too many more to list!

Lex Tec Buzzer and Switch Cables

Switch and buzzer cables

Lex Tec Circular DIN Cables

Circular connector cables

Lex Tec Weatherproof Cables

Weatherproof cables

Lex Tec RF Antenna Cables

Antenna cables

Lex Tec Internal Power Cables

Internal power cables

Lex Tec Telco Centronics Cables

Telco and Centronics cables

Lex Tec Ring Lug Cables

Ring lug and faston wires

Custom Fibre Cable

Fibre optic cables

Lex Tec Cat5e Cat6 Cables

Cat5E/Cat6 cables

Custom Fibre Cable

Ribbon cables .025 pitch

ATX power spolly splitter cable 20-pin 24-pin
Power supply splitter cables

Lex Tec Custom Cables

Your cables built to spec!
Call us at 1-800-665-9619
or e-mail lextec@lextec.com

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