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TopToken Ring Cables


Token Ring Cables  

Whether you're moving an old Token Ring workstation or converting Token Ring wiring to run Ethernet or voice, we have the cables and adapters you need!

  • choose from shielded or unshield Token Ring cables with MAU, DB9 or modular connectors
NET501 NET502 555414-2EQ
8310574EQ Token Ring data connector kit
555414-2EQ Token Ring to RJ45 adapter, pins 3-4-5-6
NET500-13 13ft Type 3 Media Jumper, Data/Blunt 2pr
NET501-8 8ft Token Ring type 6 adapter cable, DB9M/MAU, 6339098 equivalent
NET501-25 25ft Token Ring type 6 adapter cable, DB9M/MAU
NET502-8 8ft Token Ring type 6 patch cable, MAU/MAU, 8642551 equivalent
NET503-10 10ft Token Ring RJ45 jumper cable Data/RJ45
NET504-10 10ft Token Ring RJ11 jumper cable Data/RJ11
NET507-X Custom Token Ring adapter cable, Data/DB9F
NET508-X Custom Token Ring crossover cable, RJ45 M/M
NET509-1 1ft Token Ring adapter cable RJ45/DB9F, 60G1066 equivalent


TopEthernet AUI Cables


NET601-5 Ethernet AUI Cables  
If you still have Ethernet transceivers hanging off big fat yellow Thicknet cables then we have the cables for you!
  • choose from yellow Thicknet cable with N-type conectors, or DB15 AUI drop cables with slide latches
NET601-5 5ft Ethernet AUI transceiver cable
NET602-X Custom Thick Ethernet coaxial cable, N-type M/M
NET603-X Custom DEC AUI Transceiver cable, DB15F/M

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